Gather® is a food and beverage focused recreation and amusement facility that serves as a gathering place for the community.


Family matters.

So does community.

In fact, to father and son team, Doug and Mack Cross, they’re almost synonymous.

As the founders of Four Oaks Property Group, Doug and Mack set out with a vision to create a venue where friends and families can engage in a casual, exciting atmosphere in which local restaurateurs and brewers hone their craft and do some delicious experimenting.

And so Gather GVL was born.

Hatched from the brain of Mack Cross, Gather GVL reflects his interest in adaptive reuse and sustainability. Additionally, Mack wanted to create a space where his wife, Ashley, and young children, Haywood, Landon, and Fielding, could frolic and thrive. Gather GVL is not only environmentally- friendly, it’s family-friendly as well. Both Doug and Mack are graduates of the University of Virginia, though Mack had the good sense to obtain a Masters in Real Estate Development from Clemson. Doug resides in downtown Greenville with his wife, Mary Beth, and enjoyed a successful 30 year career in the window manufacturing business before jumping into this new venture with his son.

Both Doug and Mack look forward to gathering with you at Gather GVL soon.

Doug Cross & His Family

Mack Cross & His Family