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Posted on 11/01/2017 by Gather GVL

We can hardly contain ourselves!  Gather GVL is really happening!  So that you are ready to order when the time comes, we want to share information about a few cool and current menu options to be offered by our partners.  In addition to classic and predicable items like burgers, tacos, and lattes, Gather will offer some less known but equally delectable treats like poke bowls, Al Taglio pizza and nitro cold brew coffee.

So what is a poke bowl?  What is Al Taglio pizza?  What is nitro cold brew coffee?

Everything You Need to Know About Poke Bowls

Poke bowls originated in Hawaii and consist of your choice of fresh fish over rice topped with tasty and good-for-you accompaniments like avocados, shallots, edamame beans, and seaweed and then doused in sesame oil, rice wine vinegar and spices.  Also known as rice bowls or fish salad, poke bowls are trending up in the fast-casual world because their fresh, delicious, and healthy ingredients are easily customizable.  Who doesn’t love options?    

The Dish on True Italian Pizza

Not all pizza is created equal.  The pizza to be served at Gather GVL will be a cut above the rest.   Al Taglio, which translates as “pizza by the slice” is a type of pizza that was created in Rome and brought to Greenville by our partners Paul and Sarah Klaassen and Michael Obrantz.   Baked in rectangular pans and served by the slice, Al Taglio pizza is topped with fresh local produce, artisanal meats, and specialty cheeses.  These slices of Heaven will be served alongside salads and true Italian beverages.  Sign me up!

Calling All Coffee Lovers

In addition to coffeehouse staples, West End Coffee Company is bringing a unique liquid treat to those seeking the hottest (or coldest) thing in the java world…nitro cold brew.  The nitrogen infusion process produces a delicious beverage that is both foamy and frothy with no need for sugary additives.  Of course, all coffee beverages including nitro cold brews will use West End’s locally roasted coffee blends.

Gather GVL is coming to 126 August Street later this year!  Stay tuned…

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“The fact that these aren’t chains, but really good local restaurants and local businesses makes Gather GVL so appealing. It’s not another of the same old thing. Can’t wait.”
Valerie Mendelsohn

"To say that I am excited about GatherGVL is an understatement! This incredible lounge space will create the perfect relaxed environment for friends and families to come together and enjoy delicious craft food & beverages, all while not having to consider “majority rules” when deciding on a food choice. Food and Bev. finally meets its harmonious counterpart at GatherGVL!"
Tessa Howell

"As a husband and father, I am always looking for things to do outside with my family. Gather Greenville will give us the opportunity to keep everyone happy and off electronics while soaking in vitamin D."
Ryan Tiwari