5 Words to Describe Gather GVL

Posted on 02/07/2021 by Gather GVL

You know that feeling when warmth bubbles in your chest and you’re just completely and utterly happy? I feel this way whenever I walk into Gather GVL. Whether you’ve been to experience our beautiful outdoor food hall in the heart of downtown Greenville in person or you’ve just seen us on social media, I think we all can agree there’s a special kind of magic that happens at 126 Augusta Street. It’s hard to verbalize just how special our one-of-a-kind establishment is, so I’ve asked a few Gather patrons to help me! I asked each person to give me a word to describe Gather and why— I’m super excited to share what we came up with: 

Gianni and a friend he ran into at Gather from his hometown in Pennsylvania! (Taken pre Covid-19)

1.     Community: “This word comes to mind because that’s the essence of what Gather is...it is a community of businesses. It has also become a place that is so deeply rooted in the community that surrounds it. It is now a place where people go to spend time with friends, grab a drink after work, meet new people, have a great meal, have business meetings, etc. Whenever you walk into Gather GVL you see at least a handful of people you know and always friendly faces that make you feel that you’re right where you belong. The community atmosphere at Gather is one that makes you feel as if you’re in your own home which is part of what I think makes such a large venue like Gather so special.”  -Gianni Iona, Greenville, SC  

2.     Intentional: “I’ve been a fan of Gather since opening day. Our city has nothing like it, and I am simply obsessed with everything about it! The word intentional is the first word that comes to mind because to me every single aspect of Gather is intentional: from the very first hello when you walk in, to the kind owners walking up to each table saying hello and a genuine “thanks for coming out, y’all” to each party. The employees at Gather know how to make every guest feel special, which is one of the many things I love about it. Every facet of Gather is so well thought out, with the intention of making it a place where anyone and everyone can come together and, well...gather!” Taylor Connell, Baltimore, MD

3.     Versatile: “Gather is so versatile in every sense of the word! On any given night you’ll be sure to see birthday celebrations, business meetings, book clubs, and family dinners all happening simultaneously under the same roof. Gather has so many options for food as well- there is something for every age! The laid back, welcoming atmosphere of the establishment has kept me coming back since it opened in February. Whether you want to picnic on the green with your family, sit at the bar at Mercado, or reserve one of the amazing VIP sections, you surely won’t be disappointed with the versatility of Gather GVL.” Kate Massey, Athens, GA

Kate and a friend enjoying KO fries on a sunny GVL day

4.     Connected: “When I think of Gather GVL, the word connected comes to mind. I say this because people from all different walks of life become connected the moment they step inside of Gather GVL. When you’re waiting in line you may strike up a conversation with the person in front of you and bond over how great the music is, or what a beautiful day it is in Greenville. Or, your kids might play on the green together while you sit by the fire watching them. Gather has a special way of connecting people- families, friends, neighbors, and even strangers.” Tracy Rick, Orlando, FL

5.     Fellowship: “The word fellowship comes to mind because I think Gather GVL provides an incredibly unique opportunity to share food and experiences with friends and family. It for sure is a special part of downtown Greenville, and I think that it has helped bring the Greenville community together during times of uncertainty. I have loved every experience I’ve had at Gather and am looking forward to visiting soon upon my return to Greenville” - Ian McPherson, Winston Salem, NC   

Personally, I think these words do a wonderful job rounding up the essence of Gather GVL.  If you haven’t been to see us before, I hope this post encourages you to make the trek to come to visit us; if you’re a regular, we’re looking forward to catching up with you soon! Continue to be on the lookout for new blog posts in the future-- we’re looking forward to sharing more of our one-of-a-kind community with you.

Have a great week,

The Gather GVL Family 

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